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The citizens of Acropolis live their lives on the Ground, always looking up. Skyscrapers stretch upwards, disappearing into the murky brown haze of their sky. The citizens of Acropolis rarely see the sun. The city operates like clockwork. Everyone has their place and purpose.


The citizens of Acropolis are aware of the machinery and combustion engines which run their city below the surface, but very rarely do they have reason to give the Below much thought.


The people of the Ground are hard workers. It is the sky they are told to dream about. Above the smoke haze, on the very highest platforms, it is said that trees and flowers can be grown in the sunlight. Upon retirement, or if you exemplify yourself earlier, a ticket to the Above awaits. Posters advertise the ideal Acropolis to the citizens on the Ground.

Artwork by Alejandro Burdisio. Colouring by Natasho Novy


The Acropolis world is set in a retro-future or alternate future where the architecture and design of the 1920's to 1940's still exists. This genre is called Dieselpunk. Combined with this is Decopunk because Art Deco, which is a form of modernist art, existed in the same era.




Acropolisworld is a large scale project in the making starting with two graphic novels which tell the stories of seven different characters who live in Acropolis. Following this an animated web series will bring these stories to life and a feature film trilogy will follow. Members of Acropolisworld will witness every step and receive exclusive insights into the concept art, stories and characters of Acropolisworld.

You've heard of Steampunk which is derived from Victorian times when technology is more primitive than that of Dieselpunk. Dieselpunk stems from the era of the two world wars which is why there is a heavy military influence in the costuming as well as the machinery.